Things to Consider Before Investing in a Handbag

Today I am going to be sharing my thought process behind every investment bag I have purchased.

My first real investment bag was purchased after making a sales goal at work. I wanted the Chanel medium boy bag in black lamb skin with ruthenium hardware for years (clearly, I knew exactly what I wanted), so after saving for some time and hitting my sales goal, I thought it would be the perfect time to invest. I used to stalk this bag online and dreamt of carrying it one day—you could say I was obsessed!

So, how did I decide on that bag? Well, below are some factors I considered before making my purchase.

1) Color: Go neutral. Unless you own several designer bags and are aiming for something more trendy, opt for something in camel, grey, or black to get the most mileage.

2) Size: What are your lifestyle needs? If you’re a on-the-go mom who carries half of your kid’s stuff in your bag, a small crossbody bag probably isn’t the answer. The shape and size must fit the function of the bag. Keep in mind that your bag should balance your shape as well.

3) Handles/Straps: Find a bag that has convertible straps. I prefer crossbody bags for going out. Best case scenario would be a bag that has both a top handle and option for a shoulder strap.

4) Fabric: You know how you treat your items, and I would hope that if you’re investing in a nice handbag that you would treat it well. However, the fact is that some of us are more rough with our handbags than others. If this is the case, I would encourage you to get a bag in caviar/pebbled leather or canvas for more durability. I will say, I do not carry my Chanel boy bag as often because it is a super soft lambskin, but when making this purchase, I didn’t buy with the intent of making this my everyday bag.

5) Pockets: If you decide to go with a small crossbody bag, I usually look for at least a pocket for my cards or a small built-in wallet, eliminating the bulk of having to carry a wallet. In larger bags, I prefer a back pocket or a middle zip that I can easily put my phone in. This saves me time from going through my whole bag and not missing a phone call. Think about what you will be carrying in your bag and what pockets would be helpful.

Also! I will stress this… just because a designer bag is on sale, doesn’t mean it is the right one for you. Don’t just buy to buy. If it is on sale and meets all your requirements, great! If it doesn’t, keep saving for the bag you really want! I have made this mistake before, and totally regretted it. Buy the best bag that fits within your budget!

I hope this was somewhat helpful. Feel free to comment on this post, DM on Instagram @StyleMaven_LA, or send me an email with any questions.

Below are some of my top picks, enjoy!