The Most Versatile Piece You Need In Your Wardrobe

Everyone’s closet needs to be outfitted with essential staples. It’s the foundation we build our wardrobes on. You wouldn’t start a house without laying some concrete first, and the same thing goes for your closet. Whether it’s your little black dress or favorite pair of jeans, we all have our go-to pieces that we get so much mileage out of.

But for me, one of my favorite most versatile staple piece is a silk loose-fitting cami. If you don’t already own one, I highly recommend picking up one or two (or five). Two great options are Cami NYC, if you're ready to make a big investment, or if you're shopping on a budget, Zara has a good selection.

The best thing about this staple piece is that it can be worn so many different ways, depending on the occasion, time of day, or your mood.

So, before I keep going on and on about my love for camis, let me break down my favorite three ways to style a cami.

Coming Up Shorts                                                                  

Start the evening off right by throwing on this pale pink cami with black lace trim and tucking it into a pair of dressy black shorts. Be careful though, and check to see if your choice of shorts is long enough so you have the option of wearing heels to elevate this look to the next level.      

If you’re feeling bold and empowered, throw on a black leather cape jacket. And, remember to accessorize with a statement earring and a sleek black bag to complete the look.

cami 1.jpg

Call Your Boyfriend

When you’re on-the-go during the day, throw on a lace-trimmed cami with boyfriend jeans for something more casual. By contrasting this feminine top with a more masculine bottom, you’ll be right on trend with the current state of the world.

I personally love this look, because you can look put-together and still be very comfortable. You have the option of pairing this look with a heel, or taking a more casual route and throwing on your favorite pair of mules. And because I am all about layers this time of year, finish off this look with a black jacket, to complete your daytime look.

cami 2.jpg

High-Waisting Away

Front tuck your cami into a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans for the perfect daytime look. My personal preference is the Topshop Jamie High Waist Ankle Grazer Skinny Jeans which also pairs great with some black booties, or if you’re feeling more dressy, a pair of black sandals.

For those of us who are cold-blooded, you can wear this feminine cami with your favorite oversized cardigan to make this look hot no matter the temperature.  


And, there you go – if you have any questions, would like to know how to style a cami with any other options, or just have any thoughts or feedback, please reach out to me via my Contact Page or DM me on Instagram.